Dining Aboard

Our chef will amaze you with an array of dazzling delights during your cruise. We can honestly say everyone raves about our food and its presentation.  Whether it's eating al fresco in the shade of the covered cockpit or dining around the salon table with fine china and linen napery, you will be thoroughly spoiled - it's like having a very special dinner party at home every night of the week!

Customised menu
We know that, when we go away on vacation, we always look forward to mealtimes!  It's such a treat not having to plan meals, shop, cook and clear away afterwards!  Onn Endless Summer II that is all done for you and you can sit back and enjoy yourselves. Our chef takes pride in presenting a healthy, balanced menu -  with a few temptations included of course! 
A month before your charter, we will send you a comprehensive Charter Information Form for you to complete and return.  We will ask you for any dietary needs and any food allergies, likes and dislikes.   However, the galley on board Endless Summer II is small, with limited storage space, compared to a kitchen in the average home.   We plan a Chef's Choice menu taking into account the information received and the availability of fresh produce at the time of shopping.

Dining Below
By the end of an active day in the sun, everyone is ready to relax and enjoy their evening meal.  The air conditioning cools down the salon and is a welcome relief to the heat of the day.  We set up the dining table with a linen tablecloth and napkins - a different napkin fold each evening! Our collection of shells and fish ornaments provide the centrepiece.

Dining Al Fresco
The large, cushioed cockpit on Endless Summer II is permanently shaded by the bimini top and seats ten people comfortably.  Here we serve a buffet style breakfast and lunch around a teak table which is folded away when sailing.

Sourcing items
When Endless Summer II casts off from her dock at Nanny Cay marina on the start of your charter, our hope is that she will be fully provisioned with everything needed for the week's menu.  Once away from Road Town, it is very difficult to find anything other than the basics in the small grocery stores found on the other islands.  So please understand that a special food request made out at Anegada maybe close to impossible unless the ingredients are already on board!
Everyone expects to be served fresh fish in the BVI.   Unfortunately this is not so.  Much of the fish locally caught around the islands can be infected by a dangerous neurotoxin called Ciguatera.  Because it is impossible to tell just by looking at a fish whether or not it carries the toxin, we prefer to serve only fish bought from a reputable source