General Information

A valid passport is required to enter the British Virgin Islands with proof of a return or onward ticket. Visitors from some countries may require a visa - if in doubt please check with us.
Personal Medications
These should be brought with you. There are pharmacies on the islands but your particular prescription may be impossible to obtain. Endless Summer II carries a very basic medical kit.
Sea Sickness
Endless Summer guests rarely suffer from sea sickness. The many islands that make up the BVI offer wonderful protection from the ocean beyond.  There are ideal sailing winds without rough seas. If you are susceptible to motion sickness we recommend you bring over the counter medication - but we don't expect you will need it after the first day.  Many people swear by the Transderm patch which is only available by prescription.

What Should I Bring?
If you haven’t chartered a yacht before, you are in for a vacation like no other.  The Caribbean is very laid back and informal.  Whatever you bring in the way of clothes will undoubtedly be too much.  Our repeat guests always pack much lighter the second time around!   Storage space is limited in your cabin so please bring soft luggage that can be easily stored.  Hard cases just get in your way!  Beach towels are provided and there is a hair dryer in each guest cabin.
Below is just a suggestion of things to bring:
  • For most of the time casual T-shirts and shorts.
  • If you choose to go out for a special evening ashore then a polo shirt or button down shirt & smart shorts/long pants for guys and a casual sundress or skirt & blouse for gals.
  • Sun hat. Sun glasses
  • Rash Guard or T-Shirt for snorkelling
  • Flip flops for your time ashore
  • Swim wear 
  • Toiletries
  • Camera
  • Chargers for phones, iPods, etc. (we have US style 110v outlets)
  • Favorite snorkel mask or one with custom lenses
  • Dive certification if you are certified & think you might like to dive.
  • Books, magazines, CD's, DVD's & iPod
  • Laptop computer (We have cellular broadband on a WiFi system).
  • Driver's license if renting a car could be in your plans.
  • Credit cards and currency (the BVI uses US Dollars). There are cash machines on the main islands.
ESII is a "no shoes" boat, so please don't go running out to buy some expensive pair of yachting shoes because you probably won't use them. We suggest you bring along flip flops or sandals, sneakers and maybe reef shoes. If you prefer to wear shoes on deck, we simply ask that your deck shoes are different from the ones you wear ashore.
Sun Protection
The sun is very strong in the Tropics and that, combined with the effect of the wind can cause sunburn very quickly.  Please bring high factor sunscreens which are very effective in preventing sunburn.  Sprays & oils can stain the decks and cushions so please make sure whatever brand you choose is a non-staining  lotion. Also remember good quality sun glasses and a sun hat.  Over the years, we have found that baseball caps usually do stay in place when sailing!
Remember - the BVI uses US dollars!  We are often asked  "how much cash should we bring?" and that's always tricky to answer!  You certainly need cash for taxi transfers to and from the airport or ferry, departure tax from the BVI ($20pp by air and $5pp by ferry), casual drinks and souvenir shopping ashore.   If you are spending over $20 or so, most places will take credit cards,  but usually only Visa or Mastercard.  Traveller's checks are generally  accepted.   There are very few ATMs in the BVI and most of them are in Road Town.  So don't rely on picking up cash along the way!
Most people remember their cameras but forget their chargers and cables. It's great to have a little slideshow on the TV before dinner!
The Sony music system is a combination radio and 400 disc player.  We have an extensive music library to cover all tastes but please feel free to bring your favourite music - it's always nice to hear something new!   You iPods can be plugged into the docking station in the salon to play through the yacht’s speakers.  You will also find a comprehensive library of movies and books on board.
We have a WiFi internet connection on the boat so you can check your email and keep in touch.  Call your cell phone provider before leaving home and have them switch on international roaming. You will be able to use it throughout the BVI but, be warned, it can be quite expensive. 
Fire hazard dictates that we strictly adhere to a rule of no smoking below deck. This is common among most yachts - after all it makes sense.  We simply ask that you smoke only on the aft deck and use the ash trays provided.
Bed linens are changed midway through the charter.  Bath towels are changed daily or as necessary.  Beach towels are provided for use on deck and for going ashore.
We have no age restrictions regarding children on our  private cruises.  In fact we encourage families.  However we do have a minimum age requirement of 18 years on our By-the-Cabin cruises.
We are not unlike a small hotel or restaurant and gratuities are very much appreciated. If you are pleased with our service, then the usual guideline for a tip is 15% of the charter fee,  given to the captain at the end of the cruise usually to be shared equally amongst the crew.  Cash or traveller's checks are preferred.
Anegada anchorage at sunset