Susanna Rice





Born in England, a cruise on a 90' luxury yacht in the Med and a transatlantic flight to her new home in Tortola - all before she was six weeks old! Susanna considers herself privileged to be a true island girl. She enjoys windsurfing, wakeboarding, is an avid snorkeler, a PADI advanced SCUBA diver since the age of 12, and, when not involved in any of these activities,  enjoys “liming” with her friends!

Her first school was a converted local house on the Tortola ridge road that sported a menagerie of wild and semi domestic animals in the yard and adjoining grounds. As the school grew, it moved to a converted supermarket where the students, wearing full school uniform, would dream of air conditioned class rooms during the hot summer days!

At age 16, she transferred to a small log cabin high school located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Two former Endless Summer II crew, Robin and Heather Craigen, hosted her in their home.  She learned much about their Moving Mountains chalet business and  Heather encouraged Susanna’s new found love of cooking.  She quickly adapted to the snowy winters and added a proficiency in snow boarding to her list of accomplishments. In the summer she swapped snow boots for hiking boots and enjoyed camping and hiking in the wilderness.

During her junior year, she traveled to Honduras with the school on a diving trip and helped restore mooring buoys at dive sites. The following year, she went to South Africa on a camping trip and visited a school in Namibia where she taught first graders to sing “Row, row your boat”! After high school, she moved to Gunnison CO and graduated from Western State College in Ski and Resort Management, doing her internship at the nearby Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

She is now back in the islands and loving the warm weather, although she does miss making snow angels! For as long as she can remember she has been involved in the family business, interacting with clients from many parts of the world – yachting and hospitality flow in her blood! Although she is not formally trained, Susanna has a passion for cooking. She has sailed as stewardess on countless cruises in past years during school breaks, watching and learning from her mother; from Heather and many other Endless Summer chefs over the years. Now she's running her own galley! She loves discovering new dishes and recipes from different ethnicities and takes pride in offering meals that reflect her world travels.

In the summer of 2009, she took an intensive week’s course in first aid, boat safety and fire fighting and gained the STCW 95 certificate.  You will discover that Susanna is way more than a chef and tour guide. Through her lifelong familiarity with Endless Summer and her intimate knowledge of these beautiful islands, she will take you on a journey of discovery that will make your vacation so very special. The Endless Summer II story - 25 years and building!