Special Cruises

 Wedding & Honeymoon
Have you ever thought about bringing your closest relatives and friends and getting married aboard a yacht in the Caribbean? We have had tat least two nude wedding. They were perfect days. Of course the ceremony with the registrar has to be with clothes but when the formalities are over, the rest of the day, indeed week can be perfectly with nature. Being married on the bow of a yacht with paradise as a backdrop is very special....
If you are locked into a big wedding at home, how about the honeymoon on "Endless Summer II"? All over tans - guaranteed! Very different from some suite in a hotel or  a cabin on a huge cruise ship! Certainly a memorable way to start a new life together.

New Year & Christmas
Christmas and New Year are truly special weeks on ESII. We don't worry about the lack of snow. Santa just slips out of his shorts and shades and slides down the mast!  Ouch! We have a lot of fun decorating the boat and of course we serve a Christmas Dinner to be reckoned with.....
New Year is the party week and almost every anchorage is hopping at night-time. Whether it's Foxy's or the Bitter End, Trellis Bay or Anegada, welcoming in New Year beneath a warm sky of bright stars, is the perfect start to the year to come. And then there's the naked swim the next morning.......

Family cruises
It goes without saying that family cruises are always very special!!
Tandem Cruises
As I have mentioned before, most yachts will quickly accept bookings from nudist clients. But in a recent survey amongst the crew, I found few that were actually 'happy' to have nudists on board. So it would be with great care that we would pick another yacht/crew to sail in tandem with Endless Summer II. This sort of cruise is ideal for nudist groups, clubs and associations. In addition to all our other activities, we might offer (semi-serious) races, inter-yacht volley ball tournaments, cocktail and beach parties. Call and speak with Barry or email for full details.
Regular (with clothes) Cruises
Believe it or not, there are people who enjoy wearing clothes in the Caribbean! And Endless Summer II has a great reputation as a "textile" yacht! Please refer us to friends and family - we'll never mention that you were on one of those "other" cruises!


Guests on a tandem charter

Mum - we love sailing on Endless Summer II
Can we have a professional masseur aboard? Of course! Past crew David, now specialising in Shiatsu, flew in for the week from Colorado