BVI Weather  
 Lying just over 1000 miles from the equator the BVI enjoys a balmy sub-tropical climate, plied by constant trade winds. Temperatures rarely drop below 77F in the winter or rise above 90F in the summer. The night temperatures vary by only 10F. Hurricanes are very rare and are most likely to occur from late August to the end of September - which just happens to be the time when "Endless Summer II" is not available for charter - either we are away on holiday or doing our annual haulout. year is characterized as follows:
While the US Mainland and much of Europe is locked in the icy grip of winter the BVI enjoys fresh trade winds and abundant sunshine. Daytime temperatures average 80 - 85F dropping to 75 - 80F at night. Winds average 10 - 20 knots providing exciting sailing conditions and cool night ventilation. Short localized rain showers may pass over us but these rarely last for more than 30 minutes.Xmas and New Year are the busiest weeks of the season and the BVI high season is January - April.
Spring & Fall
From the middle of April the winter tradewinds begin to moderate and we experience a slow increase in daytime temperatures. Daytime highs average 90F, nighttime lows 80F and there is a 20% chance of short showers. The islands take on a fresh green lushness that heralds the arrival of a new season. In the fall it is the reverse pattern, except that we are prone to more rain showers.Spring represents excellent value to visitors. Anticipating the summer, most prices drop on May 1st and there is a gradual reduction in the number of visitors to the islands. Finding a quiet anchorage gets easier and the snorkeling and diving are fabulous with reduced wave action.

July, August and September are the quietest months in the BVI. It is the warmest time of year with daytime highs of 95F but nights remain comfortable at 80F. We enjoy the tranquil anchorages and lazy sailing days and we have air-conditioning throughout the boat for those still nights.

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