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Sailing is an amazing part of your Endless Summer cruise in the British Virgin Islands. It is the best time to be without clothes, as we cut through the water with a tropical breeze cooling our naked flesh. Our islands are considered among the best cruising waters in the world. They are all close together and so you are never out of sight of land.  ESII never sails at night; she stays safely anchored in a comfortable cove.  The seas are clear blue and the constant trade winds, usually from an easterly direction, makes sailing a breeze!   ESII is a large, stable monohull and she cuts through the water majestically, heeling comfortably but not in a frightening way.   A multihull has more of a thumping, corkscrew motion which destroys the myth that you are more likely to feel queasy on a monohull rather than a multihull!
ESII is a ketch which, for laymen, means that she has two masts and three sails.  The front sail is called a genoa and is the “pulling” sail.  The middle sail is the main sail – self explanatory!  The back sail is the mizzen sail, the smallest of the three.  Depending on the wind conditions and experience of our guests we use a combination of these three sails to sail at a steady 6 – 7 knots.  That doesn’t mean we can’t go faster – in fact we reached 12 knots once on a sail from Virgin Gorda to Anegada which was certainly enjoyed by all!  

This is probably one of the most wonderful things that you will ever do!  Nude fish Ieverywhere!! It's very easy to learn to snorkel and once you have mastered it, then a whole new world of beautiful coral and colorful tropical fish awaits you. If you wear prescription lenses, we strongly recommend that you consider buying a mask with special lenses fitted inside. Contact your local dive shop - it's a simple procedure and will add immeasurable pleasure to your snorkelling. We carry top of the line masks, snorkels and fins in a range of sizes from children to adult.  However, if you feel more comfortable using your own mask and snorkel, then by all means bring them with you.

SCUBA diving
The reef and wreck diving in the BVI is some of the best in the world. Although we are not set up for SCUBA diving, that need not deter you from trying it. We use Rendezvous Diving where the dive company, usually Blue Water Divers from Nanny Cay Marina, will come right to the boat and take you away for a two tank dive, if you are certified, (remember your certification card!) or for a SCUBA Discover course if you've never dived before.  The divers will be returned to the yacht  4 - 5 hours later. While the divers are away from the yacht, the rest of the group can enjoy a leisurely time relaxing, swimming or snorkelling.  Depending on where the boat is located and the area the divers are exploring, we might move the boat to another anchorage for a late lunch.

We have two 9' Frenzy Ocean Kayaks on board. Perfect for  exploring the other side of the bay! No experience necessary, just climb in and off you go.

Water-skiing, Tubing & Wakeboarding
Our 16' Boston Whaler dinghy is equipped with a 90 hp Yamaha outboard motor. We have a pair of combination skis. For those who like to slalom we can get most people up on one ski, others may have to drop a ski. We also have a wakeboard and a great tube, a favourite with everyone!

There are several easily accessible trails on Peter Island, Mosquito Island, Virgin Gorda and Jost van Dyke. Although many of them are hardly used, we normally ask guests to wear at least a swimwear. Occasionally we will visit a completely deserted island where we are certain that there are no sensibilities to upset. We are happy accompanying you on these walks or simply giving you directions if you prefer to explore on your own.

Board Games
We currently have aboard: Backgammon, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, Checkers, Balderdash, Scruples, Rummikub, Scrabble, Big Boggle, Pictionary, Cribbage and cards.

Endless Summer II does carry a fishing rod and a box of lures.  Many people enjoy trolling behind the yacht while under sail.  Surface feeding fish such as Spanish mackerel, kingfish, tuna and barracuda may be caught.  However, fishing is illegal unless you first buy a BVI fishing permit.  A temporary licence costs $45 and is obtained from the Department of Conservation and Fisheries in Road Town.  
Let us know before you arrive if you would like to fish.  We do need a certified  copy of your passport signature  page to get the licence for you.Spear Fishing is not permitted in the BVI. The use of SCUBA equipment to capture or remove any marine animal or coral is against the law. Fishing within the boundaries of any marine park is strictly forbidden.Inshore & Reef FishingCiguatera is a serious disease which is carried by many reef fish in the BVI.  It is found in predatory fish around reefs such as barracuda, grouper, snapper and jacks as well as puffer fish and parrot fish.   For this reason, we always encourage Catch & Release unless you choose to fish with a guide who is aware of which fish, caught in which areas are safe for human consumption.
There is some excellent bonefishing in the BVI particularly on Anegada  and around Tortola.  We always recommend a local guide and are happy to make reservations for you before you arrive.Fly Fishing:  Saltwater fly fishing is also popular and we can make reservations  with the local company,Caribbean Fly Fishing,  if you wish to try this.
A Peacock flounder.

Sailing to Anegada
Love to dive
Hiking in North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Hiking to the top of a deserted island.

Who needs a paddle?